Learn The 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant

Trying to get pregnant?

Are you thinking about getting pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant? The process of preparing your body for conception and nourishing a growing baby requires a plethora of nutrients and energy. Nutrient deficiencies and gut inflammation can affect a healthy pregnancy, as well as environmental toxins, stress, genetics, and more. Are you ready to optimize your fertility and have a healthy pregnancy?

Struggling with infertility?

The inability to get pregnant can be heartbreaking when you've been trying for some time. Today, 1 out of 6 couples experience difficulty getting pregnant. There are many factors that can contribute to this epidemic, one being diet. Looking beyond the reproductive system and taking a holistic approach to treat infertility is often very effective. Are you ready to discover the root cause of your infertility and get pregnant naturally?

I found Halley when searching for a nutritionist that specialized in fertility nutrition. I had been diagnosed with PCOS while trying to get pregnant. I was not wanting to take medicines and was interested in trying a more natural route to help with the PCOS/weight loss. We focused on what foods I was currently eating for each meal and how to adjust those meals to get better results with my goals. She was great to work with and was flexible with her schedule. She followed up each appointment with a summary of what we discussed, which was a huge help to me because we went over quite a bit each meeting.